Which description fits you best? The volunteer or the “normal”?

I have never heard of any campaign trying to prod authorities into outlawing bad traits of character. Something hinders the march of truth and conveys the idea of being apathetic. “Stop!”, whispers a police officer of my mind. If only we could arraign for cruelty of thinking…

Still, nothing happens. We, the volunteers, are not enough. We need to disclose the only secret of being involved in our community: caring. Apprehend all hate speeches! Stem the flow of bad criticism! Do these not because the majority tells you, but because you care! Look in the mirror for one second. What do you think of this image of yours – “pride or prejudice”? Your eyes do not ignite sparks of joy and your smile is inhibited.

Now, look at us, the community standing right in front of you. You can see we redeem all our worries from ourselves, because we know how to restrain our anger (those conflict management trainings do their work!). We augment our happiness and give it to everyone who needs it, not in a dashing way, but with a sincere and ingenuous look. We can climb easily that descent of the mountains, because we know we are doing it for a charitable organisation, donations being given hereafter to children with disabilities.

Not relishing, so far, the advantages when picturing the portrait of a volunteer? If so, let me introduce another tool to help you comprehend your big mistake – The Question. What is obstructing your way in helping people? Do not drift from thought to thought, searching for an answer, I can see you! And do not induce me with the classic “I do not have time” – we both know you waste billion seconds when staring at the phone. Do not trick me into believing that it gives you no advantage at all. You forget a mere detail (apart from the fact that I will fight against any objections of yours) – even career advisers show that the impact your job has on society is one of the factors that bring happiness. That`s why researchers encourage students to follow a path that proves to be more than labor work and money machine.

If you still persist in this snag, not wanting to be part of our great “snug” team, I have another one for you! Look at the creative arts and what they promote. Watch “To Kill a Mockingbird” or simply read the riveting best-selling novel. Be aware of Obama`s oratory skills and listen to his speeches. Also, Christina Aguilera`s “Can`t Hold Us Down” should be describing the image of affliction pretty good enough. Not to tell about all those iconic figures – paintings, sketches, posters.

You should not avert the voice of activism anymore. Prove your mettles in the community by helping others; shout for the downtrodden who cannot hold their tears now! Feel the flavour of the sturdy ones and enjoy the scent of vitality. There will always be voices on the contrary, but do not let volunteering ill-fated! Stand by us and you will not regret it, I avow!



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