Day 1: Karl Marx, Aristotle and Sherlock Holmes

Look, I have to tell you the truth –  I simply cannot believe this is happening. Yesterday I was in my hometown in Romania and now… now everything is too nice to be real. But, fortunately, it is.

This is the story of how LITE Regal Education brought me to London. Let me give you the gist of the way I got here, first and foremost. I have been searching for a lot of summer schools who offered scholarships and those from U.K. sounded so great I had to apply for one or two.

It was so exciting when I found out I was going to be interviewed for LITE and I prepared thoroughly for my first experience of this kind. I was told to prepare three things that represent me and to send an academic recommendation.

So, when I got the mail about me being awarded a scholarship, I was on cloud nine! Can you imagine – a 17 year-old girl alone for two weeks in London studying Business Leadership with a teacher from UCL and having amazing trips and outdoor activities? *sorry for this long sentence, but this is my way of expressing how dreamy is this for me*.

Although I think my enthusiasm speaks for itself, here you have the perfect first day at LITE Regal Education. Fasten your seat belts!



The first session was a melting pot as we learned that the Business Leadership course is to follow the syllabus of PPE (Philosophy, Politics and Economics), serving as an introduction to university`s academic life.

After talking about political philosophers (from Plato to Voltaire), we dug deeper into a debate about feminism and the the power of a president. We embarked also on a interdisciplinary journey when we discussed the impressive `Dooby dooby doo` of Frank Sinatra and how this is related to Jean-Paul Sartre and Socrates.

The next hours we focused more on International Relations, as the workshop was centered on International Relations and the way this could influence our present and future, as individuals. Our tutor has made this more accessible by allowing us to express however we wanted. I chose to write a simple story of how I perceive IR and here it is:

Once upon a time there was a community of all kinds. They helped each other or, as the millennials would put it down, there was an incredible team work. Unfortunately, good things vanished into thin air as fights began. They tried to create a system to work it out again. This system is, in fact, International Relations and no, I do not see it as a story, but as a camera which captures emotions and stirs up feelings. 

After finishing the lessons, we had some free time so I chose to see Baker Street as I am a big fan of Sherlock BBC. After a long day of discussing markets and morals, here I am, writing this for you as to give you an insight from an awe-inspiring high school that hopefully will shape my thoughts and actions from now on.

See you tomorrow!


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