Day 4: Cambridge and Harry Potter

Hello, readers from all the places. If you are lucky enough one day to visit Cambridge, I can share some tips with you, based on my experience. So it goes….


We were happy to find out that after one hour spent in the train, many colleges had open days. We chose to see Downing College and Corpus Christi College. On the right is an ingenious map of the tiny city.


I`ll start with Downey. A gregarious guide showed us everything, including the accommodation which is given  according to a ballot system. Everything is pretty and the atmosphere, I guarantee you, is perfect for absorbing tomes of academic information.

As far as Corpus Christi is concerned, it is the sixth oldest college of Oxford. Its court is the oldest continually inhabited courtyard in the country.


The acclaimed playwright Christopher Marlowe was a student at Corpus and more recently, Hugh Bonneville, an actor which took part in Downton Abbey. Taylor Library couldn`t be more cozy and it is said that students can be spotted working there in their pyjamas. Cool, right?



After the open days at these two colleges, we went punting which was so fun!

But the fourth day in England cannot be finished without Harry Potter`s Platform 9¾… or without the Harry Potter Official Shop, both at King`s Cross. Lovely day!


See ya tomorrow!



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